Eulers Identity: Suspicions

Of course Euler’s Formula and, subsequently, Euler’s Identity are very close to the WTF-Model.

Euler’s Identity

I’ve had suspicions on the whereabouts of the different constants, namely e, i, and π.

Even though it’s perspective dependent, it is pretty clear to me that i, the imaginary unit, is directly in the center. But from the peripheral aka global perspective, as from the local one, i is replaced by the prime numbers.

I stumbled upon e, Euler’s number (2.7…), a while ago and the bottom line was that e^x (or e) turned out to be right in the middle between center and periphery, e.g. where things are just balanced.

And then there is π, for which my common sense tells me this must be at the maximum outer periphery. The indication is pretty clear when you use the Angular Vortex Overlay; the measured total sides go from 3 to infinitely approaching 3.14… when you open it up.

Euler’s Vortex

I can’t really give hard proof for any of that, but I think for everyone getting into the WTF-Model, this will appear to be a reasonable estimate as it’s not far off and would likely check out.

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