Risk: Probability & Impact

Today I figured out the correct way to model the Probability-Impact Matrix that was used to illustrate the Risks Description. Initially, before I “got” perspective, I had only the probability-impact line going in a y=-x function way. I was always rather unhappy with it, even though it -sort of- checked out. But impact and probability were basically fixed on that line and seemed ultimately not completely right.

“Risk #1”

Once it clicked with me I was able to fix this within minutes. Due to my increased understanding from years of putting into the model, I was able to align the other perspective with a simple y=x function, which allows ANY risk now to form freely on the map by combining those functions.

“Risk #2”

It maps perfectly. Probability and impact increase locally if more and more is built upon another (this is eventually constructive interference). This has further implications down the road once this is mapped to Supply & Demand from the economy, which dearly needs an update as well. I’ll try to get to that within the next days.

“Risk #3”

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