New: Overlay Categories

Today, I added the ability to selectively toggle certain categories of overlays. I decided to group the current 36 options into the following categories:

  1. Default
  2. Math
  3. Physics
  4. Engineering
  5. Popular
  6. Misc

The major motivation here is to avoid overwhelming new users. As inferred from the model itself (how beautiful…), simplicity is key - yet also challenging due to its low entropy (one of the “key problems” mankind will eternally struggle with).

“WTF Model”

As of today, the model is already accessible via a paid access key hosted on Microsoft Azure. However, once the WTF gains mainstream attention, it will -very likely- explode bigger than the Internet, Newton, and Einstein combined - and then will only be serviceable by a larger load-balanced CDN like GitHub.

The release-repo is already in place, and I’ll make it public once I have a quick ~5-minute Intro Video and a 10-20-page PDF ready. Otherwise, it makes no sense, as the WTF needs context.

I have already experienced that when I send this to people, they have no clue what to do with the model without any sort of explanation shipped alongside, and consequently, lose interest within minutes. On the one hand, this is good (as it protects the entire thing from too much attention too early), but on the other hand, it’s a big hint that explanation is badly needed. I need to keep things simple and on-point; otherwise, people will exit quickly as well. That’s going to be tough for me to achieve, not going to lie.

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