Recent Updates: Fourier-Transform, Sorting & BPMN

My current job leaves me only limited time to pursue the model but i try to squeeze in the hours where i can:

Recent updates include refining Sorting, which fundamentally offers the two options of Ascending and Descending. However due to Perspective it became clear that it’s not an easy win. I’ve figured that descending sorting aligns with both doing the right thing and doing things right. Beyond that, its utility isn’t obvious as both Center and Periphery have Ascending and Descending assigned dependent on perspective.

Next i integrated the Fourier Transform: Given that at the center time is instantaneous and spatial extent minimal, the mapping of the time-space domain (Periphery) to the frequency domain (Center) was clear.

I’ve also enhanced the BPMN mapping to include Tasks at the center. I briefly considered adding message flow, activity flow markers, and group boundaries, but decided against it to avoid excessive detail- which is already excessive as in the case of CSS-Selectors. This Lightweight Theory of Everything (ToE) is already very specialized yet I aim to maintain a level of mainstream accessibility. A video summarizing all three updates is attached.

Technical advancements have also been made in maintaining application state over reloads.

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