Recent Updates: 4-Stroke Engine, Economic Bubble

I managed to do quite a chunk of fixes and updates the recent days:

  • Technically i fixed the alignment of images at Perspective switch while completely horizontal
  • I cleaned up the JSON language files with a custom C# Console Application i built: It calls additionally Azure API’s for translations if needed. I might extend that tool in the future, it was quite useful and saved a lot of manual work.
Custom Tool

On the end of descriptions there was progress as well:

  1. Combustion Engine (4Stroke) got extended and adjusted (Upgrade to Cycle)
  2. Economic Bubble got extended and adjusted (Upgrade to Cycle)
  3. BPMN got extended and adjusted (Upgrade to Cycle)
  4. Commerce & Market imagery was extended and adjusted

A a teaser, I attached a video on the mapping of the Combustion Engine and Market Bubble!

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