Release Nearing: Recent Updates

So first off, I can report further success in correctly mapping BPMN 2.0. Previously, I extended it to the Cycle format, but yesterday I managed to identify the Sub-Process and generic task difference. I also managed to replace the XOR-Gateway with the correct AND and OR variants, also called Parallel- and Inclusive gateway.

If you’re a bit into Logic Gates, you know that the actual default Gateway in BPMN, the Exclusive Gateway, is essentially an XOR-Gate. So, that didn’t fit too well. In respect, it is a construct out of AND & OR-Gates - only these two are core. Doing that replacement not only corrects a mistake but also adds clarity. That’s a great improvement and will be included in the upcoming Public Release.

BPMN 2.0 - Photoshop Editing

Talking about the Public Release, here’s the general structure of how it’s gonna go down:

There will be a base version on Github, free for all. But that one is limited to core items. The 350+ Overlays so far will only be in the paid version that is then hosted on Azure. So you can get insights into the Theory of Everything, but if you want to fully delve into everything that is there - that’s where the paywall will be. Anyway, I need to make money on this sooner or later. This entire thing is taking 2+ decades already and I need a payoff eventually.

Release Pipeline Illustration (1)

For the purpose of doing this Split-Deployment, one into Azure for paying customers, and the free but cut down version being deployed on Github, I built a small Python Script and included it in the YAML Release Pipeline that i use with GitHub Actions, GIT and VisualStudio Code.

Release Pipeline Illustration (2)

I plan to release soon, however, I can’t specify a fixed date right now. I’m no fan of constantly pushing the deadline and postponing - I want to release, in all honesty. I wanted to do that already 2 years ago, but in all fairness, such a huge amount of work completely underestimated this endeavor. Anyway, I’m committed and won’t back down. If I stay alive and in good condition, this is coming.

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